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We have some video chat options here, although it is not he main focus of this web site. We personally prefer the text only chat, as it leaves more to the imagination, and it separates those who are intelligent, erotic minded, and witty from those who just want to stick their genitalia up in the web camera. However there are those who join us here and also want some cam to cam, or voyeur video chat, so we now offer these options.

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We also suggest these top quality, albeit premium video chat portals:

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For those individuals that are looking for a good cam to cam option with other people who visit our site (non-professional /non commercial camming) – then you might want to check out the free cam chat at the sex chat sexchat peeps space social network.

We love the amount of options available for hot erotic discussions these days. Sometimes it seems there are so many ways to chat, just hard to find the right people at the right time on whichever portal. This is why we’ve started making profiles at places and listing some interests. This way other people can send a pm and let us know when they will be on and what kind of things they are into. We can private message back and find a good time when we can both be on the same network.